Emil the TeacherBot

This workflow deploys a teacher bot. That is: - it displays a textbox for the user to ask a question - it parses the text in the question to extract keywords - it queries a machine learning model to predict the question class - it asks the user to select one among the three most probably classes - it then retrieves the top resources links to tutorials) available on the KNIME web site for that category. - it ends with a Goodbye page Classes "Bug", "Legal", "Announcement", or "Something else", forward the question to a KNIME expert. The page with the links to tutorials also includes a Send Email button as emergency exit. The Goodbye page updates the model training set with the question and the selected class. If class "Something Else" was selected, the question gets manually relabelled for the training set.

Emil the TeacherBot



EXAMPLES Server: 50_Applications/33_Emil_the_TeacherBot/01_Emil_the_TeacherBot50_Applications/33_Emil_the_TeacherBot/01_Emil_the_TeacherBot*
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