Consolidate workflow documentation

This workflow consolidates all information and creates a BIRT reporf from the workflows: 0 GDPR Examples Overview 1 Identify PII and Special Category Data 2 Anonymize personal data 3 Explain Model. Use your favorite tool or package to consolidate the information and make it understandable. You may have a version for: - The Legal Team - The Data Protection Officer - The individual who's data is being used.... THIS is probably the most important workflow of all! We capture the decisions we have made and what we have done but we EXPLAIN it as well. For more details, please refer to the white paper "Taking a proactive approach to GDPR with KNIME"

Consolidate workflow documentation



EXAMPLES Server: 50_Applications/34_GDPR_examples/04_Consolidate_workflow_documentation50_Applications/34_GDPR_examples/04_Consolidate_workflow_documentation*
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