Scaling Analytics w BigData

This workflow trains a number of data analytics models on Hadoop and Spark and automatically selects the best model to predict departure delays from a selected airport. Data is the airline dataset downloadable from: Departure delay is a delay > 15min. Default selected airport is ORD. This workflow implements data reading, data blending, ETL, guided analytics, dimensionality reduction, advanced data mining models, model selection using: Hadoop, Spark, in-memory, parallelization, grid computing, multithreading and/or in-database to speed up computationally intensive operations. Data available in knime://knime.workflow/data/1_Input

Scaling Analytics w BigData



EXAMPLES Server: 50_Applications/28_Predicting_Departure_Delays/02_Scaling_Analytics_w_BigData50_Applications/28_Predicting_Departure_Delays/02_Scaling_Analytics_w_BigData*
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