Recommendation Engine w Spark Collaborative Filtering

1. Create local Spark Context; 2. Read ratings.csv and movies.csv from movie-lens dataset into Spark (; 3. Ask user for rating on 20 random movies to build user profile and include in training set; 4.Train Spark Collaborative Filtering Learner (Alternating Least Squares) algorithm…; 5. Apply model to all other movies unrated by user; 6. Display recommendation results for user

BLOG: Movie Recommendations with Spark Collaborative Filtering…

Recommendation Engine w Spark Collaborative Filtering



EXAMPLES Server: 10_Big_Data/02_Spark_Executor/10_Recommendation_Engine_w_Spark_Collaborative_Filtering10_Big_Data/02_Spark_Executor/10_Recommendation_Engine_w_Spark_Collaborative_Filtering*
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