Binning in Databases

This workflow demonstrates the different database binner nodes that allow you to create new binning columns for numerical columns. An example would be the conversion of a numerical column that contains the age in years into a categorical column with values such as children and adults. The demonstrated nodes are the Database Auto-Binner node that automatically creates the bin boundaries e.g. by specifying the number of bins to create, the Database Numeric-Binner that allows you to manually specify the bin boundaries and the Database Apply-Binner node that applys an existing binning to new data.

Notice, that the red connection ports of the database nodes only contain the SQL statement and connection information but not the data itself. The statement is processed within the database e.g. Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, DB2, SQL Server, Hive, Impala, etc. and the result is read into the KNIME Analytics Platform via the Database Connection Table Reader

Binning in Databases



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