Snowflake meets Tableau

This workflow implements a DWH operation, configuring and launching a Snowflake in-cloud data warehouse instance. Sales orders are read from an Excel file, return orders supplied from our e-commerce platform's API in JSON format are filtered out, all the clean correct orders are uploaded to a Snowflake table, dynamically created by the Database Writer node. Once uploaded, a subset of those are read into KNIME Analytics Platform, filtered using a Row Filter to only report on the data for the relveant organisational divisons and exported to Tableau's .Hyper file format for dashboard creation.

Snowflake meets Tableau



EXAMPLES Server: 01_Data_Access/02_Databases/11_Snowflake_meets_Tableau01_Data_Access/02_Databases/11_Snowflake_meets_Tableau*
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* Find more about the Examples Server here.
The link will open the workflow directly in KNIME Analytics Platform (requirements: Windows; KNIME Analytics Platform must be installed with the Installer version 3.2.0 or higher). In other cases, please use the link to a zip-archive or open the provided path manually