AmazonS3-MSBlobStorage Census Data

The challenge here is to blend S3 formatted data from the Amazon Cloud with Blob Storage formatted data from the MS Azure Cloud. As a secondary challenge we want to blend the cloud data with Excel data. Will they blend? Data is the new CENSUS data downloadable from: xxx. We report the average travel time to work vs. the English proficiency and we discover that, if you are a woman, the less you speak English the closer to home your work place is. If we then analyze the size of the statstical sample, we also discover that the average is based on only 31 not English speaker females. Probably not enough to consider the results as reliable. Always maintain a healthy degree of skepticism towards your results! By the way ... yes they blend!

BLOG: Amazon S3 meets MS Azure Blob Storage. A match made in the clouds.

AmazonS3-MSBlobStorage Census Data



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