Static geolocation of IP addresses

This example demonstrates how to analyze a weblog and display the most prominent nationalities of visitors by percent and in absolute numbers. Latter is used in a heatmap and everything is send to a report.

Requirements to run this workflow:
- KNIME OpenStreeMap extension (available from KNIME Labs)
- KNIME JavaScript Views extension (available from KNIME Labs)

FIFA World Cup

The workflow visualizes historical World Cup data using a Generic JavaScript View to create a map with color-coded regions corresponding to the goals/points/wins of individual countries with a possibility to select the range of years to incorporate.

Choropleth World Map

Drawing choropleth of world country vs. population number and vs. log(population number) via Javascript script. In Generic Javascript View node we involke Google Geo Chart chart.draw function. Generic Javascript View node is wrapped in a metanode for choropleth on KNIME WebPortal. 2 Choropleths side by side in wrapped metanode named "Side by side 2 Choropleths" Warning. Since Google Charts is loaded lazily, an internet connection is required when opening the view

Google Geocode API-OSM-text file

This workflow blends together data from Text Files and from Google Geocode REST API. In particular it reads the list of the smallest and largest cities in the world from 2 text files, queries the Google Geocode REST service for their geo-corrdinates, and displays them on a Open Street Maps world map. ... and yes! They blend.

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